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Welcome to the Forever with Pride Christmas shop.

All of the sellers in the Facebook LGBTQ Shop and Services Directory group have paid to be here selling directly to you. They have not only paid to become an approved Facebook sellers they are supporting the Forever with Pride e-magazine By paying to be in our online directory and are helping to keep it a free to read LGBTQ+ quarterly e-magazine for everyone to read.

The Forever with Pride LGBTQ shop and Services Directory is the new one stop shop for everyone so please do share it on to everyone you know, @lgbtqshopandservicesdirectory

Get 50% OFF All Advertising

As a buyer.

You will be buying directly from the seller and not from Forever with Pride the magazine or the FWP Page or Group.

Postage & Returns: please check with the seller before you make a purchase.

Forever with Pride accepts no responsibility for sales made through the LGBTQ Shop and Services Directory.

Please share and add your family and friends to the group as this will not only help our seller reach more.

As a Seller

We now have three packages available and they are as follows:

Three month advertising bundle, Six month advertising bundle and a Twelve month advertising bundle. To find out which one will suit you best just drop us a message using our contact us page.

To be given the opportunity to sell you will first of all need to send us a contact email out lining what your shop will be selling.

If you are approved as an online advertiser in our directory you will be sent a payment email request from our PayPal business account for the amount of £50.00, this will cover you for a full 12 months. This works out at just £4.17 per month or 97p per day.

Don’t see your service area in the shop directory? let us know and we will add it for you.

Advertising costings are VAT included.

Advertising your brand in our monthly e-magazine will cost you the following. For ore information please do us the contact page to send us a message.

Single Issue (One Month Duration) Full page adverts £70 – Multiple issue discount available contact us to find out more.

Single Issue (One Month Duration) Half page advert £50 – Multiple issue discount available contact us to find out more.

Single Issue (One Month Duration) Banner advert £30 – Multiple issue discount available contact us to find out more.

Our Charity Discount is 50% off all adverting, please get in touch for more information.

You will be removed and possible reported too FB if we get any reports of fraudulent activity.

Don’t be shy to ask for a deal!

Multi issue advertising discounts are available all you need to do is ask.

Click on the link to see more of what Joshua Lloyd have to offer!